Pan Pac Highlights

If you’ve forgotten Pan Pacs here’s a few highlights to jog your memory from the PanPacs coaches/teams.

U14 Marist boys Blue team

My highlight of the tournament:

playing against Aussie teams and seeing the boys lift their game to match the intensity of their overseas opponents, notably in the game against NSW Opals – the boys came from 4 goals down with two minutes left to draw, with the goalkeeper scoring from a timeout with 3s left in the game!

The biggest learning for the boys:

was to come out with intensity and not to let the opposition get too far ahead, otherwise we have to play catch up!

The best game they played

their last one against Canberra. They managed to put together a full game of good waterpolo and beat Canberra for an overall placing of 15th out of 25.

– Ryan McEwen

U18 Marist women Blue team

Highlight for the blue team

the game against Queensland where we pushed the 2nd best team in the pool to a 2 goal differential.
Also the final game against the Pirates to top the bottom half of the draw.

Biggest learning:

humility and also to work on fitness and mental strength.

Best game:

vs Pirates , to be placed 8th in the 8th/9th placing match.

U16 Marist boys Blue team

Highlights for the blue team:

the game against Canterbury when they played as a team and pushed one of the top teams in the pool.

Also goals scored against Maranui to win the final game of the tournament.

Biggest learning:

to improve fitness and work ethic at trainings so they can improve and play as a team in future games.

Best game:

Maranui in their final game – and a win!

– Phillip