FINA School 2019

One of our Marist referees, Ryan McEwen, has just returned from FINA school for water polo referees in Brisbane where he attended with four other referees from New Zealand. The school is a two and a half day course run by FINA, the international body who govern water polo, for water polo referees in order to promote water polo and create a uniform interpretation of the rules worldwide. The school is a requirement for international referees on the FINA list, a list from where certified referees are selected to referee international events. Ryan is now one of the seven New Zealand referees on the FINA list and brings back knowledge of the rule amendments implemented from 2019 and other technical instruction from FINA, a great achievement and resource for our club referees, coaches and players.

“Attending the FINA school was a great experience, one which I learnt a lot from. There was plenty of discussion around the rule amendments coming into effect from 2019 as well as other technical discussion around the rules and refereeing in general. I thoroughly enjoyed discussing our sport with a range of people, and look forward to sharing some of the knowledge gained from the school with those that are interested.”

Ryan has written FINA School 2019 Summary Report, available for all to review.