Marist Makutu Season Wrap Up

With a couple new faces arriving in the team and a couple more returning from breaks from the sport, the Makutu line up looked strong going into the Div 2 National League competition. After a strong start to the season in Auckland league with solid performances against many big clubs, the squad started to gain confidence for the season. Starting in Tauranga, the boys claimed a second place and started to get into the rhythms that would help us through the whole season. With the first tournament away, the Makutu boys started to build a culture that would foster a “work hard, play hard” mentality. This mentality, along with the tightness of the squad (and some less than favourable swim sets), put us in great shape for the 2nd leg of Div 2 in Wellington. With a real goalie playing in the net this time the boys were able to claim a win over Hibiscus coast in a sell out crowd at the Hutt pool. With a quick turnaround, the boys put in some hard work at trainings and were in top shape coming into the 3rd and final leg of the Div 2 comp over Queens Birthday weekend in Auckland. A successful weekend made sure that the boys claimed the competition as well as taking the overall title of National League Division 2 Champs. This would not have been possible without the on-going and immense support of Chris Jarvis and the rest of the Marist Veterans who definitely made the season memorable and extremely enjoyable. We hope to see the return of the Makutu squad next year and maybe with a few more returning players! #UptheMakutu