Marist Coaching Position

Marist Coach responsibilities

The role of the Coach is the most important and influential role within the club and acts as the interface between the club and the players.

Not only is the Coach expected to coach and impart playing skills and tactics for the team; they also act as role models in terms of behavior, management and professionalism. Coaches are expected to work cohesively with Team Managers, understanding the role that each play, and contributing to the well being and knowledge of the players, as well as instilling accountability and personal discipline.

Coaches at Marist should lead by best practice, displaying even temperament and an ability to remain calm under pressure. They need to be analytical and able to interprete opposition play and adjust tactics accordingly.

Coaches must be confident to act within a general framework, following guiding principles from the Head Coach and able to nurture and build a team spirit that works for the team and talks to the purpose and values document outlined by the club.

Head Coach for Age grade

Create and share a strategy document for Age grade

  • Discuss/Agree objectives/goals for the Season with Age Grade Coaches
  • Share help team understands Marist Purpose/visions document with Age grade Coaches.
  • Provides oversight and advice to grade Coaches, including performance feedback when viewed.
  • Supports development of Age group coaches via guidance/over-sight/ discussion with coaching Lead.

All Coaches

  • Abide by all club and NZWP rules and regulations.
  • Undergo Club vetting as appropriate.
  • Undergo First Aid training provided by the club as appropriate
  • Discuss/Agree season objectives and Marist Purpose/Vision document with the team.
  • Attend all assigned team trainings with a pre-prepared session plan.
  • Attend all team competition games.
  • To give minimum 1 weeks’ notice of nonattendance to a training or game.
  • To coach in a positive and encouraging manner with all players.
  • To develop player/ team skill level as aligned to Training Framework document.
  • To coach games demonstrating best practice – remain even tempered at times of adversity. Do not argue with referee.
  • Liaise with Team Manager in a timely and professional manner.
  • Discuss selection clearly with Manager and able to articulate to parents if Age grade appropriate.
  • Interact with the Age grade lead Coach to share common themes/messaging.
  • Escalate Disciplinary matters arising through the Head Coach, Club Capt and up to Committee as appropriate

Marist appreciates all individuals who want to further themselves as Coaches and aim to support and guide you in your learning.

Overviews of the 2018 and 2019 Senior Mens and Womens sessions have been captured and are available via onenote documents, should you be interested in reviewing sessions and ideas for your Age group – please contact the Coaching co-ordinator (Jez Sherman).

Basic coaching concepts are provided by Sport New Zealand and can be found at